Group Exhibition

Slugtown are pleased to present Company – a group exhibition produced entirely by the young people of Shieldfield, in workshops held over 6 days in August.

Company has been designed to explore the connection between food and art, and their ability to bring people together.  The idea of the project coming from the word ‘company’ literally meaning ‘with bread’.  

The workshops have been facilitated with help from a number partner of organisations in Shieldfield.  In many ways, Company is hyper-local; with workshops held in the immediate vicinity, and with materials and resources that are readily available – flour, salt, blackberries, flowers, vegetables and paper.  

Whilst the exhibition is a celebration of food and art, Company is also an ambitious showcase of what can be achieved through sharing resources and working together.  

Poster Making

Niall Greaves from NewBridge Print Studio demonstrated how to make some free form butterfly prints, and then screenprint on top of to make beautiful posters.  The designs for the posters were made from food-based prompts.  

Salt Dough Sculptures and Tableware

Participants have helped make tableware for our table from salt dough, including candlestick holders, bowls and plates. 

We worked with Big River Bakery to produce our giant salt dough wall relief.  The giant pretzel shape is made of individual pieces on which participants have sculpted their favourite foods, and told stories about their favourite food memories. 

Natural Dye Making

In the garden at Shieldfield Art Works, we made natural dyes from garden vegetables.  Red cabbage made a vibrant purple, and onion skins and turmeric a deep yellow.  We also made paint from blackberries and flowers mixed with honey and water. 

Tie Dye Tablecloths

Using our natural dyes from the day before, and a little bit of science, we created a range of colours to dye our tablecloths and napkins.  These were tied up using elastic bands and string, and soaked overnight to make the swirling patterns adorning the table.  

Wheatpasting Collage

Using only water and flour, we made wheatpaste – a simple and strong glue from which we stuck our posters and designs to boards.  Some posters are slogans, there are some advertising pizzas, and there are some stunning still life drawings. 

Learn How to Bake and Zalabia Making

At Big River Bakery we made some signature bakes for our community meal.  Pasties and flapjacks were baked and decorated.  

With local chef Kaltouma Hassaballah we learned how to make the delicious sweet treat zalabia – made from flour, and deep fried. 

The full archive of workshops undertaken with Company can be found on our workshops page here.

With thanks to all those who helped make Company happen, including: Big River Bakery, Dwellbeing and the Shieldfield Youth Programme, Kaltouma Hassaballah, Niall Greaves,  Shieldfield Art Works, Shieldfield Forum Cafe, and The NewBridge Project. 

This project was kindly supported by Ragdoll Foundation.