Fundraiser Exhibition 2023
Group Exhibition

To visit the Slugtown Fundraiser online please click here

Slugtown are pleased to present the Slugtown Fundraiser 2023 – launching online and as an exhibition at the gallery.   The fundraiser will include unique artworks, limited editions, prints, caps, totes, risos, T-shirts and more.

See and purchase work from: Abigail Hampsey, Adam Higton, Ailish Treanor, Alex Sickling, Alia Hamaoui, Alistair Woods, Amelia Frances Wood, Antony Gormley ,Benji Spence, Bex Massey, Bobby Dowler, Charlotte Dawson, Corey Bartle-Sanderson, Daniel Davies, Daniel Eatock, Daniel Sean Kelly, David Donald, Divine Southgate-Smith, Emii Alrai, Emma Cousin, Fern O’Carolan, Hannah Lees, Harley Kuyck-Cohen, Hazel Brill, Isobel Neviazsky, Jack Evans, James Lomax, Jamie Hammill, Jill Tate, Josh Raz, Kara Chin, Kes Richardson, Ki Yoong, Kieran Leach, Kuba Ryniewicz, Lottie Smith, Luca George, Lucien Anderson, Mac Collins, Mani Kambo, Max Boyla, Michael Dean, Mick Peter, Narbi Price, Ned Armstrong, Nick Kennedy, Nina Chua, Noel Clueit, Oliver Hoffmeister, Parham Ghalamdar, Paul Becker, Petra Szeman, Phil Frankland, Rebecca Halliwell-Sutton, Rosie McGinn, Rosie Morris, Rosie Vohra, Rufus Newell, Sam Venables, Simon Bayliss, Sofía Clausse, Steven Gee, Susie Green, Theo Vass, Tom Sewell, Wilfrid Wood, Yelena Popova, Yonatan Vinitsky, Zoë Carlon, Zoë Spowage

By pledging to our fundraiser you will help us to continue to support emerging and early-career artists, deliver SlugClub – our free art club for young people in Shieldfield, and help secure the longevity of Slugtown.

Since moving into our current space in February 2022 we have worked with 13 artists to deliver ambitious and critically engaged exhibitions, enabling them to make step-changes in their careers. All artists are supported with an artist fee, material budget and artist development opportunities.  Our goal is to support artists in the North East, alongside bringing artists to the region to exhibit – working to grow and sustain the vibrant visual arts scene in the region.

Last year we launched SlugClub, a free art club for young people in Shieldfield which aims to increase engagement with contemporary art. So far we’ve commissioned 14 contemporary artists to design workshops, and we’ve engaged hundreds of children in the North East.  In 2023/24 we are expanding our programme to work with 3 local primary schools after school clubs and a local youth programme, hosting monthly workshops and pop-up exhibitions of their artwork.

In summer 2023, we produced Company, collaborating with other local organisations on a hyper-local, week-long project focussed around food and art.  On the back of the success of Company, In summer 2024 we plan to expand and develop a new project during the school summer holiday, working with more artists and engaging even more young people.