Les Boîtes
Matt Antoniak, David Donald, Rebecca Halliwell-Sutton, James Hindle, jawbone jawbone, Max Lee, Eddy Robinson, Joe Shaw, Matt Wilkinson, Louise Winter

Les Boîtes showcases works by artists involved in the running of, and those who have exhibited at Slugtown in an offsite group exhibition at Suede Gallery, Edinburgh.

The exhibition title draws influence from Marcel Duchamp’s famous La Boîte-en-Valise works. The physical transportation of artwork between studio to gallery, gallery to collector, is an integral part of the exhibition process. It is often undertaken with great time, cost and effort – and frequently goes unseen.

In Les Boîtes the idea of visibility is brought to the fore. All the works exhibited are presented in custom-made shipping crates. This display mechanic riffs off the ultimate end point for so much art. Paradoxically, despite being designed to be seen, many artworks will spend much of their lifetime in crates; stored out of sight in warehouses in tax-havens. The curatorial decision to frame the works in crates acknowledges both this and the transportation process, but also operates as a method of display that levels the playing field, enabling the works to exist in a space without hierarchy.