Pop Goes the Weasel
Louise Winter

Pop Goes the Weasel is a new, playful, interactive installation by artist Louise Winter. Winter questions the fixed identities of objects and materials, making them defy their usual definitions and expectations, or, as artist Tom Friedman has said “testing what matter is by allowing it not to be”.

Winter’s practice is investigative, and often flits between object, process, event and performance. working with pre-existing materials, she collapses the distance between the ideas of art and of the mundane, aiming to explore the poetic and absurd potential of the everyday.

For this work, Winter uses multi-coloured moving balls in an interactive installation utilising the floorspace of the gallery. Audience engagement is central to the work – the movement and physical presence of the audience within the space directly impacts the trajectory of the balls, and subverts the artist/object/audience relationship. In this way the work also aims to generate dialogue and explore why we attribute value and meaning to objects.

Louise Winter (b. 1985, Sunderland) Recent exhibitions include: Nice Waves, NewBridge Project, Newcastle; Early Warning, &Model, Leeds; The Multiple Exposure Project: Outside the White Cube, Metro Manila, Philippines; Dimensions Variable, 36 Lime St, Newcastle; #Utopia, Art Licks Festival, London.