Joanne Dawson

Slugtown are pleased to present Rousing, a new site-specific installation by Joanne Dawson.

Dawson’s work focuses on the role that objects, monuments and the practice of story telling play in our understanding of identity and collective experience.  Taking the physical form of soft-sculpture, works act as a ‘mind map’ and resource for the space we occupy.

“objects have the power to arouse, absorb, steady, seduce, disturb, soothe, succour and drug. If they seem to have a life of their own, it is a life that we give to them, and give back to ourselves through them”
– The Curious Lives of Magical Things, Steven Connor

For Rousing, Joanne has constructed a series of works titled Four Piece Suite, heavily referencing soft furnishings and constructed from the materials that make up the fabrication of domestic space. Four Piece Suite takes the form of a trough for the detritus we live with and forget about, and an arm rest for the gallery lights.

Joanne would like to thank Ewan McCaffrey, Slugtown, and all who donated the contents from the bottom of their bags, between the cracks in their sofas and the corners of their drawers.

Exhibition kindly supported by Glasgow City Council.

Joanne Dawson (b. 1993) Recent exhibitions include: Watertight, Holmwood House, Glasgow Doors Open Days and National Trust for Scotland, Glasgow; An accidental sneeze, Good Press, Glasgow; Reel Meal, Thank You Very Much, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow; Keep the Pavement Dry, VoidoidARCHIVE, Love Unlimited, Glasgow; MONO, Gloma, Urg3l 3, Madrid, Spain.