Our Teeth are Reefs Finissage

Our Teeth are Reefs Finissage 

Saturday 13 April, 5– 7pm
Collective Ending HQ, 3 Creekside, London, SE8 4SA

An evening of readings, performance and soundscapes from four artists, curated by Collective Ending in response to Slugtown’s exhibition ‘Our Teeth are Reefs’ currently hosted in the gallery space.

Andy Allen-Olivar – Dorian Tran – Rosalind Wilson – Tiffany Wellington

Andy Allen-Olivar is a multimedia based artist primarily working with photography, film, installation and text. He works with speculative narratives, magical realism and optics to explore a way of seeing. His new work explores digital traces and presents them as clues or evidence in a fragmented narrative. 

Dorian Tran is a location sound recordist who specialises in documentary film in London, he is also the latest member of Collective Ending HQ. His new piece employs contact microphones and field recordings to expand our sense of location through a sensory soundscape of his building. 

Rosalind Wilson is an artist based in London. Her practice spans sculpture, writing, film-making and workshops, often drawing on the interconnectedness of emotion and place. Her new work is a reading inspired by a commemorative head stone installed after a 24 year wait. 

Tiffany Wellington is a Jamaican-born artist living and working in London. Her work explores opaqueness in personal narratives through collage of images, music, and memories. Layering stories, told and untold, in a web of facts and fiction. Wellington will present a new improvisational piece in response to the themes of the exhibition: value, excavation and belonging.