Benji Spence x SlugClub | February 2023

It’s the big one.  Slime Magazine’s Slug of the Year.  Who will win? You decide.  Inside this issue is all about books, magazines, comics and cartoons.  Help give Tintin a glow up with a new barnet, and imagine what Spongebob would look like in 1000 years time.

For this month’s larger task, illustrator and artist Benji Spence helped us design our own comic book strips.  Some of the best comic book designs filled our walls in our SlugClub Pop-Up Exhibition, in February 2023!

Using the templates provided, you can create your own as well! Use some of Benji’s characters and templates, or create your own characters to populate your comic.

Click the image below to download a free PDF of this issue of SlugClub.